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To prevent danger to passengers and crew or equipment the international bodies regulating Air transport agreed to specific procedures and measures to be followed if certain specific cargo items are carried by air. 


These cargo items will include anything that is corrosive, flammable, toxic, radioactive or in other ways seen as Dangerous or not allowed to be carried on an aircraft with passengers or to which the airline industry has placed limits in terms of volume or weight that may be transported on aircraft due to the nature of the substance.  Also, there might be special packaging instructions for certain cargo to be safely transported in aircraft.


The holder of an Air Operator Certificate has to be specifically approved in terms of regulations and licensed to do the transportation of dangerous goods.


The carriage is strictly controlled and many checks and balances are built in the procedures.  If you need it transported – talk to us we should be able to assist especially if it is in quantities our aircraft can safely manage.